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Obscura Magazine Vol 18 : Spring & Summer 2015

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OBSCURA Volume 18 / Spring & Summer 2015


Perfectly Imperfect

This Spring & Summer 2015 edition offers two cover versions for your selection – one is a watercolour painting by artist and spiritual thinker, Satsuki Shibuya; another is an image by Belgian photographer, Sanne De Wilde. It is an invitation to our readers to join us on meditating and re-thinking the true meaning of perfection/imperfection.

Highlighted stories:

1. Embracing The Moment – reflecting upon the concept of imperfection through the art of watercolour painting, an in-depth interview with Satsuki Shibuya;

2. The Art of Repair – introducing Kintsugi, a traditional Japanese technical skill for repairing ware and documenting graceful culinary experiences;

3. They Don't Meet Your Gaze But Let It Wash Over Them – exploring another way to look at beauty, a tranquil photo essay by Belgian photographer Sanne De Wilde;

4. The Unexpected Beauty of Risograph – praising the unique human quality of Risograph, an interview with the one and only Hong Kong Risograph workshop, Ink’chacha;

5. The Beautiful Transience of Life – an essay about Alexander McQueen’s interpretation of ‘Savage Beauty’.

Cover II: Photography by Sanne De Wilde

Print Details: 136 pages, perfect bound with a white cloth spine, full-color. 

Printed in Hong Kong.